Baseball Field Management

Baseball Field Management

This self-paced online certificate course will cover topics like field layout, infield skins and pitcher’s mounds, turfgrass maintenance, and pest management. Perfect for groundskeepers, baseball coaches and anybody else interested in baseball or softball field maintenance.  The lecture material is offered as audio slideshows and instructional videos. The course material is assessed  by students completing quizzes and games.


The Ohio State Baseball Field Management Certificate was developed to challenge and test individuals of all ages interested in advancing their knowledge in ballfield field management.

COST: $600 USD
$500 USD (STMA/OSTMA Members Only)


The subject area is broad enough to be applicable to turf conditions globally. The online lectures were developed by leading turfgrasses educators at The Ohio State University and industry professional, specifically for ballfield management.

Regardless of location, the program was created for individuals to work at their own pace and at a time most suited for them. Course presentations, references, faculty interaction, and testing are completed on-line. The only requirement is that the course be completed within a 1-year period.

Successful completion of the course requires a grade of 70 percent or greater. Those earning a grade of 94 percent or higher will receive a certificate with distinction.