History of Golf Course Design & Management

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History of Golf Course Design and Management covers a broad range of golf history, starting with the beginnings and going through WWII.

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About the course:

The history of golf from the early beginnings to the present day is studied in the History of Golf Course Design and Management. Topics look at the controversy involved with where golf originated through golf’s first boom in the 1850’s through the 1900s in the United Kingdom, to the Golden Age of Golf in the United States. The iconic golfers of their era and the golf course architects of the time are discussed. The description and events of golf, and course design are interwoven with world events of the time.

Estimated time to complete this course is 32 hours.

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Successful completion of the course requires a grade of 70 percent or greater. Those earning a grade of 94 percent or higher will receive a certificate with distinction.