Is it necessary to Logout when I'm finished with a session in Carmen?

Yes. It is necessary to logout each time you finish a session to prevent use of your account by unauthorized persons. You will see the specific instructions below: You are NOT COMPLETELY LOGGED OUT yet!

To logout completely, PC users: close all open windows for this web browser. Mac users: choose Quit from this web browser's application menu. For Carmen information, visit: New to Carmen? - Printable Quick Guide Carmen Help for Students Troubleshooting.

I'm having trouble inside the course. What should I do?

Most technical issues are addressed in Carmen Help for Students or in the Help link in the upper right, pale gray navigation bar. Common problems are addressed in Troubleshooting. If these resources are not helpful, you can contact the course instructor.

I'm having problems with my browser - it won't show some of the material in Carmen. Why?

Are you using a recommended browser for Carmen? Recommended and supported browsers change. Be sure to check this information if you experience difficulties. For more information, seeĀ supported browsers.

To ensure satisfaction with your Carmen courses, it is essential that you use a fully supported browser. Browser choice is limited to a few common brands; other browsers may work, but full functionality cannot be guaranteed.

If you are using a browser other than the ones listed below, you may discover problems that can neither be confirmed nor supported by the help desk. Should you encounter problems with an unsupported browser, your only recourse is to move to a fully supported browser.

I don't feel comfortable working within Carmen. Is there some place I can get help?

Yes. You can begin from the login page or from Carmen Help for Students. You can also use the Help link in the upper right, pale gray navigation bar.

Can I use an email account other than the one I used to register for this class?

No. You must use the email you provided at registration. All course-related email will be forwarded to that account.