Will I be able to do any extra credit assignments?

No, but you will be able to take extra credit quizzes.

When will my submission be graded?

Grading will vary based on the availability of the instructor. If you have concerns regarding the grading of an assignment, contact your instructor.

What do I do if I submit my assignment in the wrong Dropbox?

You should resubmit your assignment in the correct dropbox and contact the instructor. Only the instructor can remove a submission from the wrong dropbox.

How will I know my submission has been graded?

You will receive a private reply with feedback. Your score will appear in Grades, available only to you.

How do I submit an assignment to the class Dropbox?

Submitting to the Dropbox

  1. Click on "Dropbox" on the course home page, upper left navigation bar.
  2. Click the appropriate Assignment title from the Dropbox list.
  3. Click the Browse button and locate your assignment file on your hard drive.
  4. Enter your name, assignment number, and title of your Assignment in the Description box.
  5. Then, click the Upload button.
  6. When the upload is complete, you will see a Results window with Uploaded by, Folder, File name, Date, Time, File Size and "(file name) uploaded successfully."
  7. You can view your submissions by clicking the History button. Here you will see Assignment name, a list of each file you submitted, your Comments, and the date and time Submitted. You can also view the document you submitted.
  8. If you select the wrong file, you have the option to Cancel your submission. This returns you to the Dropbox list of assignments. WARNING: Once submitted, you can't return to change your work; however, you can make a second, or even a third submission, if necessary.
  9. After submitting an assignment to the Dropbox, you will receive an email similar to the example you see below:

    From: "carmen@osu.edu"
    To: "your name.#@osu.edu"
    Subject: About your dropbox submission
    Date: date submitted
    Course: Sports Turf Management
    You have successfully uploaded the following files to the (named) folder.
    File name:
    File Size:
    Please keep this email for your records.

How do I make sure that the instructor will receive my dropbox assignment?

There are 2 important ways to make sure that your instructor will receive your assignment:

Use appropriate file names.

When submitting documents (whether uploading a document to the dropbox or attaching a file to a discussion post), use only letters and numbers (no symbols such as %, &, ", or ') in file names.

Complete all steps of the process.

When using the dropbox to submit assignments, always make sure you see the File Submission Successful message on screen before leaving the dropbox area. When using the dropbox, you will first locate the all files you wish to submit, then upload them, and finally, submit them.

How do I know when I can submit my assignments to the Dropbox?

In the upper left scarlet navigation bar, there is a Dropbox link. Click it. On this page you will see a list of Assignment titles followed by "Deadline: date," if assignments can be submitted, or "Opens: date," if they cannot. If there are no deadline restrictions, there may be no date at all. The Assignment title will be linked if submissions can be made.

Can I view all of my assignment submissions at one time?

You can view all assignments submitted to each dropbox. Go to Dropbox and click the assignment title you wish to view. In the Drop Off Files window, click the History button, lower left. In the Dropoff History window you will see a list of the assignments you've submitted as well as your Comments and Submitted (date and time).

Can I edit a submission to the Dropbox?

No, but you can edit an assignment and then resubmit it. Be sure to include some indication that the assignment has been edited in the title line, for example "edited assignment 2" or "resubmission of assignment 2."

What is the Dropbox?

Use the Dropbox to submit assignments online by uploading files to folders where your instructor can pick them up and post feedback.