Latinos in the Workforce - Communication and Culture

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I really enjoyed your online class. It really shed a tremendous amount of light on my past interaction with my Hispanic workforce. Great job. - Bob

LATINOS IN THE WORKFORCE is a course designed to introduce American students, workers, supervisors, and business owners to current issues in the workplace where Latino immigrant workers interact with their American counterparts.  

Class topics include cultural and historical aspects as well as some legal aspects that come into play when working with the Latino workforce. Culture and its effect on communication in the workplace is an important feature of this course. This course was developed keeping in mind people who now work or will work next to, supervise, or be supervised by Latino workers in most any industry. This course is taught in English; we will not teach you how to speak Spanish although some Spanish words will be used.

The principles learned in this course are applicable in any industry where Latinos work and should benefit anybody interacting with this important sector of the workforce in the US.

This is a 100 % online course. Topics are presented as videos and reading materials posted on Canvas (Ohio State’s online learning management system). When students select the “Modules” section on Canvas, they will find 32 modules. A typical module will have the following components: a video to watch, reading materials, a PDF file with the slides of the video, and a multiple-choice quiz. Quizzes will not be graded by the instructor, can be taken multiple times, and are open-book (you can answer them with your notes in front of you). However, Canvas only tells students how many correct and incorrect questions they have answered. It will be the responsibility of students to find the questions they answered incorrectly and to retake the quiz.

Each student can advance in the course at his/her own pace and can watch (and study) as many modules as they deem appropriate each day.

Topic Areas

  • Who are the Latinos? - Demographics
  • Communication and Culture
  • Stereotype – How to avoid stereotyping
  • Pre-Columbian Cultures and the rise of the Mexican nation
  • Religion and the family in the Latino culture
  • Time perception, sense of space, & language and culture
  • Communication Latino style and Latino’s workplace dynamics
  • Latinos as supervisors, workers, and colleagues
  • Attracting, hiring, and training Latinos
  • Employment and immigration issues – Legal aspects
  • And much more…

Estimated time to complete this course is 51 hours.

Only electronic certificates will be presented to students who successfully complete each course.

Cost: $780


Disclaimer: Once you have submitted payment, there are NO REFUNDS.

Successful completion of the course requires a grade of 80 percent or greater.